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Rolling Realms Promo: Risky Rewards

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Rolling Realms Promo: Risky Rewards

This promo pack gives players special rewards to activate when the time is right to gain extra resources or score stars.

Two of the six rewards are randomly selected at the beginning of the round; all players have access to the same two rewards. A player may use each of the rewards exactly once whenever they'd like during the round. For example, one reward lets you use both rolled numbers in the same realm; another reward gives you a 1 resource discount for all purposes for a single turn. Any unused rewards score 0.3 stars at the end of the round.

Risky Rewards is designed by Ryan S. Davis and Karel Titeca. It is illustrated by Miles Bensky.

This promo pack requires the Rolling Realms core game.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an English-language product. See our website for more information on localization partners.

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